Affordable Dog Orthopedic Solutions

Welcome to our site! We are dedicated to helping all dogs – big and small – overcome their orthopedic challenges with practical solutions! We realize not every pet owner can afford to spend upwards of $500 for a custom orthopedic solution, and the months of waiting it can take to be produced.

That is why we have worked hard to find the best off-the-shelf orthopedic solutions for dogs – developed by veterinarians here in the USA and ready to ship fast and affordable!

What Kind of Problem is Your Dog Having?

My dog has leg problems, I need a canine leg brace!

Is your dog having problems doing all the things he used to love? Do you miss the long hikes you used to be able to enjoy? The hock holder is a neoprene dog leg brace designed to help offer critical support to your dog without the expense and hassle of a custom brace.

Priced at $19.95, it is an effective and affordable solution for your dog!

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My dog has wrist problems, I need a canine wrist brace!

Sick of seeing your dog limping and in pain? Often the cure is simply a little added support. Our neoprene wrist wrap can be applied and seconds and offer your dog the critical support needed for his troubled paw.

Priced at $19.95, you can’t afford NOT to try this solution!

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My dog has canine hip dysplasia, I need hip support!

Is your dog suffering from canine hip dysplasia or another hip ailment? Get him back up and active with our  Hip Hound! The hip hound is designed to be applied and seconds, and easy to transport. Don’t spend hundreds on expensive surgery and custom braces before trying our effective and affordable solution.

Priced at $85.00, you’ll save hundreds off the cost of expensive surgery.

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